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Chef Alexandra Dy and Chef Wei Shan Tan


They said that the heart of every home is in the kitchen, so it comes as no surprise that that’s exactly where Chef Wei Shan’s heart lies.

Being exposed to various distinct types of food has piqued his interest and ignited his passion to discover more from a very young age.

Having built his strong foundation in Asian cuisine, he continued to enhance his repertoire and pursued learning the finesse and intricacy of French cuisine when he worked in 3 Michelin star (then 2 star) Les Amis Restaurant. Prior to that, he also worked in Regent Hotel (Manhattan Bar & Basilico) where he learned American and Italian cuisine. During his free time, he has also staged in various prestigious Michelin star restaurants.


His passion for food permeates even further when cooking for the people he loves and sharing the knowledge he has acquired with the people around him.


With his meticulous eye for detail and his wild creative imagination, coupled with a world filled with endless possibilities, he believes in finding the right balance of using different Asian and French influences with a distinct Modern European flair and carefully integrating delicate craftsmanship and precision into every intricate dish he serves.

 Chef Wei Shan’s Achievements and Accolades:

  1. DAS Top Young Achiever’s Award 2017

  2. Battle Of The Chefs (Penang) 2016 - Gold Medal

  3. Singapore National Junior Culinary Team Selection 2016

  4. Les Amis Group LAwards Culinary Competition 2015 - 1st Runner Up

  5. Singapore Top Young Chef Competition 2015 - Best Dessert Award

  6. The Neighbourhood Chef (Mediacorp Channel 8 Program) 2015 - Crowned Champion

  7. Singapore Signature Food Challenge 2015 - Finalist

Newspaper & Magazine Features and TV Appearances:

Lianhe Zaobao Newspaper December 2019

Supreme Parents Magazine August 2019 - Importance of Food

The Straits Times August 2017 - All-in-one Dining Platform

DAS Student Graduation & Awards Ceremony Magazine 2017

Cuisine and Wine Asia January February 2016

Great Food, Great Health Recipe Book (Republic Polytechnic’s 15th Anniversary) August 2017

Neighborhood Chef 2 CookBook SG50 Celebration August 2015 

Mediacorp TV Singapore March 2019 - SPD Charity Show

Mediacorp TV Singapore February 2017 - Just Cook It (Cooking Show)

Mediacorp TV Singapore July 2016 - What’s in the Fridge? (Cooking Show)

Mediacorp TV Singapore 2015 - Mediacorp Cares



 Having a sweet tooth since young, Chef Alexandra has always had a deep love for anything sweet and delectable.

Always interested and savvy in IT, web design and all things geek, she had dreams of becoming the number one hacker that could breach through any security system and database and get paid to do so. So never in a million years did she think her calling would be found in the confines of banging pots and pans, loud camaraderie and banters, with heat and heat and more heat.

But alas, life had other plans. Most days, you’ll find her in the kitchen, experimenting and doing research and development on desserts and sweet treats that are served during their private dining events and exclusive pop ups.

Her signature items include Mixsense’s very own Sourdough bread, Yuzu Citron Tart